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Some of Our Members and Their Cars

Although members are not required to have antique cars to be in the club, it is a special part that makes the VCCA unique. The emphasis of our club is to have nice cars that are driven, not trailered to event.
We have cars that date from 1922. Some were saved from the scrap heap, others were bought and improved from neglectful owners. But the bottom line is that we take pride in the cars that we own. They are not only means of transportation for some, but a link to history and a rolling work of art. These vehicles are close to orginal in both parts, design, and color. We use original or re-manufactured parts to restore our cars and many are kept in better than new condition. These are just a small fraction of the many cars that are in the club, but they will give you an idea about why we do this, and why we will continue to do this for a very long time. The San Fernando Region prides itself on being a family driven club and invite you and your friends to attend our meetings or ask questions on the net.
e-Mail Steve if you have any questions about the cars, and he will forword your query to the owner ASAP